Naoto is a boy known in Tokyo during a Reportage on women's law for Gazzetta dello sport (I left Milan and I arrived in Tokyo ... by car).
It was the evening before taking the plane to return to Italy, he could not speak a word of English but he was very curious and we exchanged contacts.

A few years later he came to Italy for a tour and passing through Verona we ate a pizza together and conversed in an unknown language;)
Today I get this package from Tokyo, from Naoto, who worried about the situation in Italy seen on the news, thought to give me support.

Curious that he also sent me spaghetti and tomato (in short, it is as if I sent him rice).
It was a moving gesture, I thought I was little for him and instead, in the moment of need here you really understand the value of creating relationships, giving smiles, in short, simply being human ... Already humans who know how to be human.